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What is Billing and Inventory Management Software?

Managing the records of finance and efficiently tracking the money coming in and going out is one of the most important activities of a business. We are all aware that humans are susceptible to mistakes; mistakes that can cost the company millions or several hours of work in rectification. Software programs make the process seamlessly easier. Some accounting software tools are in a league of their own. Their algorithm is designed to detect any mistake the user makes and instantly give suggestions to correct them.

It’s good news for startups and small businesses, due to their growing number the software developing companies are giving more emphasis on developing software for startups and small businesses. This has brought thousands of tools in the market. They are affordable and designed specifically to fulfill the needs of a budding startup. Follow this link to all the information related to Billing, Inventory and accounting software for startups. You can compare prices and features, etc. Check it out yourself.

These are some of the features to look for in an accounting software for small businesses.

  • MIS is the world's leading IT- Service Industry
  • Experience over 15 Years make us a great choice for clients
  • Our team always focus of basic requirement & it's integration
  • Our ERP is based on some major problems faced by clients; like
    1. User Friendly, no complication while using it
    2. Compatible with all hardware, browser & software
    3. Simple in look & smooth working
    4. No special training required to run it
    5. If required we offer free of cost training
  • Advance Technology to make easy functionality
  • Time to time important updates to work smoothly
  • Most important is the data security & its backup is the our major concern, which make it more efficient & superior than other Inventory Management ERPs

Take smart decision while choosing an ERP

It should be compatible to your business

Choose as per your need & easy in modification

Always ask for Data security & Guaranty

It must have easy to work & Understand

Responsive Customer Care Service

Choose Your Billing and Inventory Software

An Inventory Management System is specifically designed for SMEs and lets you keep track of all business related activities. It also optimises the workflow in business so that the accountant and management authorities are relieved of their workload and can concentrate more on improving quality of customer service.

Offline Billing/Inventory Management Software

A2R Store Management Software - Online Billing ERP

Special Modules & Features

Analysis of Business Performance

Accounting software empowers a manager to make informed business decisions based on the financial statements generated by the software tool.

Quick and accurate calculation

Accounting software enables quick and accurate calculations. It leaves no option for mistakes. It is also cost-effective as the software requires only one user for all its operations.

GST Ready Software

If you are still using a software that does not support GST, change it now. The recent accounting software tools are GST ready; they allow you to calculate the GST tax, generate reports, and provide calculations.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory is a big task and time taking to business. With our software, we made it easy, its shows you real time inventory of your company. So you will be never out of stock, missing stock etc.

Expenses Recording

we must record all our expenses without missing one, because it can bring huge change in profit calculations. With just billing software you can easily record your payments anytime, even you can include your suppliers details.

GST Return Filing

Many business people worried because its hard to understand GST rules and file returns on time and it taking lot of time. Just billing made it very easy, with just one click you can file your GST returns. It gives really relaxation to business people

Oversees Business Finance

A good accounting software monitors the accounts receivable, accounts payable, and general ledger accounts. It provides the business owner with a clear view of the financial position of the company.

Digital Bills

With printing invoice, you can also share bills with customers via SMS, Email. Just Billing also have a inbuilt feature as order estimation.

Digital Payments

From Cash only to We change your business in payments as we accept cash, cards, coupons, wallets etc.

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small peol always do that.

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